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Astrid Battery Analysis & Care System (ABACS)

The BACS “Battery Analysis & Care System” now the 2nd generation is the most advanced product on the market today providing an Ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system. Using web management technology it checks the internal resistance, the temperature and the voltage of every single accumulator sequentially. Through our patented EQUALIZING process it corrects the charging voltage of each accumulator individually. The accumulators are kept in the optimal voltage operating range. The constant monitoring and controlling of the individual charging voltages for each accumulator guarantees the availability of the battery at all times – making the Achilles Heel of a UPS systems (or any other battery powered device) a thing of the past. In addition, it can manage environmental measurements (temperature, humidity, acid fill level, hydrogen gas concentration, etc.) and appliances (UPS, inverters and other devices).  BACS is the ideal system for all lead-acid based accumulators (open/wet cells, maintenance free, gel, AGM), etc.